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Fundamentals in my opinion are the main cog of the golf swing, once you take them for granted your in trouble. Grip, posture, ball position etc getting these basic fundamentals sound and solid really allows you to build and develop a more consistent golf swing. Mirror work is the best way to improve and maintain good fundamentals.


In my opinion if you practiced your short game 7 days a week it still wouldn’t be enough, that’s how important I feel it is. When you go out and play a round of golf, a very high percentage of your game will be played from 50 yards and in, so if you can make your short game not good, not great but EXCEPTIONAL you watch your scores come tumbling down


Please see below examples of Jason or his clients in the media.

Golf Monthly recently had an article with Pollyanna Woodward. Pollyanna has been having Golf lessons with Jason for the Gadget Show Challenge on Channel 5.

“What are you doing for the show and how did it come about?

It was actually something where I’d been on Twitter and mentioned golf tech and there was a lot of interest. I’m a fan of golf on TV but had never actually played it myself so on the show we’re used to doing challenges and because there were so many people out there wanting to know what was out there that could help them, we came up with the challenge where I had eight weeks to learn how to play golf.”

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Below are some photographs of some of my clients and also some fun photographs.

Pollyanna Woodward from Channel Five’s Gadget Show.